How to Sell Retargeting

Retargeting is the Perfect Service to Sell... No Matter Who You Are Selling To!

I know it sounds too good to be true...but if such a thing exists...I believe that we have found the ONE service that all Local Marketers should offer, no matter who you are selling to!

A service that…

  • EVERY business can and should use...
  • EVERY business will see a high ROI from...
  • Lowers their cost of acquiring new customers...
  • Increases repeat purchases from existing customers...
  • Is affordable...
  • AND generates high-margin, recurring revenue for YOU!

Everyone knows that retargeting is one of the most powerful advances in advertising since the creation of PPC advertising...

And every serious marketer is making sure they are investing in retargeting for their own business...

Soon all display advertising will be retargeted advertising and the pixel will become even more valuable than the click itself. As larger advertisers continue to buy up ad inventory (and create their own retargeting audiences) those that fail to “pixel” their site visitors won’t be able to afford to advertise.

Ryan Deiss, Digital Marketer

Here's What You'll Learn in the Local Retargeting Blueprint:

The 5 T's of Retargeting

How to explain retargeting to your clients so that they see the big picture and have no logical reason to say ‘no’ to your services!

How to Prospect for New Clients with Google and Facebook

How to use Facebook ads and Google to prospect for unlimited new clients.

Selling to New Prospects

How to find ideal prospects for your services so that you don’t waste your time with the wrong prospects (just because they SHOULD want it...doesn’t mean they will!)

Upselling Current Clients

How to pitch your retargeting services to existing clients so that you can immediately start generating revenue and increase customer loyalty!

How to set up Retargeting Reporting

How to report the benefits of your retargeting service so that clients see the value and keep investing for years!

Price to Win

How to structure and price your services for easy service delivery that pulls in high-margin recurring revenue month after month!

  • Plus Much More! Retargeting is THE product that should be used by every, single business...

Listen to What Other Local Marketers Have to Say About Local Retargeting Blueprint and the Team That Put it Together:

“When it comes to retargeting the guys from New North Media know their stuff! The Local Retargeting Blueprint is the best retargeting training I have seen on the market. In the last 2 weeks, I have setup 4 additional meetings just by using the retargeting pitch from the course. It has really helped with getting my foot in the door when prospecting.”

Nehal Kazim

“These guys absolutely know retargeting… I appreciate the creative applications they have come up with to use retargeting – and I highly recommend their training. They are thought leaders and worth investing your time to follow. You will no doubt benefit from their training!”

Jesse Erickson The Digital Squad